Training Next-Generation Health Data Scientists

Cohort Learning

MDSH Students come with diverse academic and professional backgrounds, yet share a similar goal to gain data science skills and credentials that will enable them to expand their scope of professional expertise. This program’s executive-style schedule features the same curriculum that has made the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health an internationally recognized leader in public health, bu in a format that recognizes the many priorities in a student’s life including family and career.

The program caters to working professionals by providing a convenient schedule of classes that introduces the principles, theories, and methods of health data science.

Through this highly cost-effective program, students are able to maintain their full-time working schedule and professional income. Combining in-class sessions and distance learning education, the 20-month program is intended to be fast-paced and demanding. The goal is to create a student-centered and supportive environment that produces unlimited opportunities for career success.

Students will start the program together and move through each quarter as a cohort. This gives students an opportunity to learn from each other and experience the various backgrounds and work experience that each student brings to the cohort.

Classes are held on campus only one weekend per month. The class schedule is given to all students in advance in order for them to plan around their career and family.